How much time have you spent thinking about energy—the everyday forces that pulse in, around, and through us?

All things in this universe, including our bodies, are constructed of and work by energy relations. We are made of atoms. We are electrical. We are energy! So, what does that really mean?

Our health practitioner tells us what’s happening to our bodies. The “what” might be a heart attack, cancer, a bladder infection, etc. But we haven’t been told the “how,” and without knowing the “how,” we can never stop diseases or even avoid them. Are you ready to change all that?

Let’s see how energy affects our bodies and lives.

We came to live this life full of love, joy, and happiness. We cannot do that if we are ill, and we can’t stop being ill unless we understand “how” this body works.

We must be true to ourselves, honoring the body we live in, honoring our being-ness, our life, our being alive! Everybody and everything else is outside of us—add-ons, accompaniments.

What is important to all of us? That we feel and look good—to feel beautiful, alive, vibrant!



Sometimes, we get stuck in a rut, seeing our body as nothing more than a thing to be fed, watered, and cleaned. But what is it really? This body of flesh blood and bones—heart, lungs, eyes. Cells and atoms. This leads us back to the core of our being—ENERGY.

Energy is invisible but tangible—we are aware of it. It is actually hundreds of trillions of minute particles, fields of what we call current: impulses of light, electrons, and protons traveling at great speeds through time and space. When these bits of “light” or energy slow down enough for our conscious mind to perceive—we call that matter.

So, our bodies are made up of the same stuff as the rest of the universe, just a group of electrical fields called atoms grouped together to form molecules that make up our cells; it is fairly easy to see that if we introduce any form of energy into our cells, our cells MUST respond. Everything we do either adds or detracts energy from us.

Then if we put enough stress on our cells, disease must take place. This energy block can have many causes: emotions, physical impacts, chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives, junk food, toxins, stress, unhappiness. Just about everything we do, feel, eat, breathe, or apply to our skin, can have an electrical or energetic impact in any cell in our body.

So, can you see how our cells and bodies must be aligned and balanced, working at a premium, for our energy wholeness? Without this natural symphony, an energy distortion takes place, which can crash the energy fields in the cells and cause disease or even death.


This is how the universe works, and we are a part of the universe, built on the same principles as the universe, made of the same stuff as the universe.

This leads to the question: what do we put in and on our bodies for ultimate health and beauty? Things that have good energy, the vibrational symphony of the impulses of life! It’s the way we should live and eat—the way nature makes it. Eating very little package or container food, drinking the purest water possible. Putting lovely organic materials on our skin.

Always remember: This life, this body, this skin, all of it, inside and out is a living, breathing, biological life! So, it’s healthy cells and good energy that give us beautiful skin and a healthy body.

So, in all things, think energy, think health, think vitality!



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