Disease and Sickness = Cell Malfunction

Hmm? What is cell malfunction and how does it happen? And more importantly, why should I care?

Well, since atoms and cells are the building blocks of our body systems, they are pretty important in our overall health and fitness. So, first let’s consider the problem/diagnoses/disease /issue (pick one ). Most of us don’t realize there’s only two reasons for illness… Just two!

Either cell deficiency and/or cell toxicity. Or both.

We understand deficiency—when something doesn’t have what it needs to thrive. So, when our cells are deficient, they are lacking something—something essential.

And toxicity, well, that sounds toxic—and it is! It’s when our cells are not working properly and they are in fact, dying from toxins.

So, in either of these cases, deficient or toxic cells, something must be done to avoid dis-tress or dis-ease or even death. Something in our personal environment is causing the problem!

The good news is, our bodies are made to fight intruders and renew our cells. But, we need to give our cells what they need to protect us and keep us healthy and strong. We wouldn’t feed our champion race horse rotten food or give him bad water. We wouldn’t leave him in the rain and never give him exercise!


It’s the same with our cells. We must feed and water them, we should give them “exercise” and a good environment so they in turn, can keep us healthy! So, let’s think about our options, say when it comes to food—a fruit and veggie smoothie or a sugary coffee drink (fine for special outings), but what gives the best nutrients to help our cells fight the good fight?


There are many little ways that we can avoid and address the deficiency and toxicity in our cells. But sometimes life happens and we end up with dis-ease. What do we do then?

Cheri and Alex at A Belle Vi have spent years of study with tried and true personal testing, and will suggest methods and applications to help you to recover and maintain your good health. We invite you to check our website to see if our holistic health approach is right for you.

In our next blog we will talk about the six pathways to either deficiency and toxicity in cell malfunction. And they happen to be the SAME pathways to health and vitality! You choose your path. Health or sickness.

In the meantime, we hope you are maintaining a vibrant healthy lifestyle. Grab some pure water, put on your exercise gear and head out to enjoy the brief sunshine! Your cells and good health depend on it!






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