Announcing the Happy Hearts Day Contest Winners & Participants!

Earlier in January, we announced a Happy Hearts Day contest open to all, divided into different age categories. We are now announcing the winners! All of these children, winners, and participants, deserve a high-five. In fact, we are so excited to share that they will all be receiving some prize and acknowledgment! We applaud their good efforts and creativity.

The winning artwork has already been made into cards that are available at A Belle Vi’s shop.

Contact us through the website to make an appointment to come in and browse through the cards and our medicinal products. This is cold and flu season and we have a variety of tinctures already made up to help fight colds and allergies, along with tummy upset and other distresses of the body. We also have essential oils and lip balm, face potions, and kombucha. We invite you to experience what A Bella V has to offer for greater health and vitality.

It was very difficult to come up with winners in all age categories as we had so many wonderful contributions. Thank you all who participated and best wishes with future art endeavors. Being creative is so essential for the well-being of us all—so keep it up!

Annnd here are the winners!

Logan, age 3, created a rose for the first price, winning his age category.






Kemela, age 8, first-place winner in her age group, drew a cup with beautiful flowers.






Isabella, age 9 also won first-place with her snuggly rendition of a bear hugging a heart.






Ameretta age 10 got the win for first place in her age category. “I picked you” are the sentiments of her creation.






Shaylee also won first place in her age category with her lovely bear and scripture.






We also created a category for the sweetest valentine, created by Amy, age 7.



This one won the prize of class act; I have a crush on you.







And one final category for the chicken who showed up at the window… I guess she didn’t want to miss out on the fun!





That’s all for now friends. Keep loving each other and keep your hearts happy.



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