Deep Breathing Techniques

***Get in a comfortable position; you can either lay down or sit up, if you’re sitting up, put your hands on your thighs. When you inhale, focus on your breath filling your abdomen. When you exhale, focus on your navel reaching your spine. ***

☘️This breathing technique is good for overall health and well-being:

  1. Place your tongue on your palate and keep it there throughout the exercise.
  2. Inhale for seven counts.
  3. Hold for one count.
  4. Exhale for seven counts.
  5. Hold for one count.

Repeat steps one through five for each cycle. To begin your practice, perform three sets of 10 cycles, with a one minute pause between cycles. As you become more proficient at focusing on the breath, you internalize the rhythm, and you won’t need to be so aware of it or count it off in your mind. The length of the count is not as important as maintaining the ratio and steady pace, but a one second count rhythm is a good benchmark.

☘️The following breathing rhythm is highly beneficial for relaxation and relief from anxiety:

  1. Use The same rhythm control and abdominal breathing as stated above.
  2. Put your tongue on your palate and keep it there.
  3. Inhale to a count of three or four.
  4. Hold one count.
  5. Exhale to the count of five or six.
  6. Hold one count.

Number two and four can be increased as you get used to the exercise. Just make sure your exhale is longer than your inhale, this tells the brain to be calm, relax and let it go!

☘️Lymph flush breathing:

  1. Put your tongue on your palate and keep it there.
  2. Inhale to the count of five.
  3. Hold to the count of two.
  4. Exhale to the count of 10.

Do this as many times as you can daily. Optimum: every 20 seconds! We have 45 miles of lymph tissue in our system that need cleaning up.

We hope you feel refreshed and energized as you practice happy breathing!




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