Happy and Balanced?!

Usually, I don’t write about myself in this blog, but I’m going to change that up today!

I want to share a little of my health journey with you and tell how I’ve found healing for a bunch of issues.

Where to start?

We all have issues and problems, to some degree, right? So, as we travel through life and things come up, over and over, we have to do something about them! We seek answers, we look for help. We talk to people, we listen to stuff, we read books.

Sometimes, answers come easily, sometimes it takes a while to get to root causes of our distress or problems. And there are times when we think we’ve addressed something, but it turns out that’s not quite the answer either.

Well, I’ve done all that . . . and I’m sure you have too.

I’m talking about the health of my whole being here, mind, body and spirit—natural, physical, emotional, social, spiritual . . . we are complex! And as I am coming to realize with my energy work at A Belle Vi, our systems don’t generally “talk” to each other. However, when we are having a problem in one area naturally, it affects us emotionally and sometimes if we let it fester, it affects us physically and spiritually. But the systems need help communicating—again, this is where the energy work comes in.

Before A Belle Vi, I had looked for healing through reading books, going to school, studying the bible, prayer, etc. All of those ways are incredibly helpful, but I needed to find the connection between what was going on with my physical, emotional and spiritual self. That’s where the classes at A Belle Vi have been helpful in connecting the dots and helping me to release negative thought patterns and replace them with ideas that actually help me in life.

In addition, the Biofeedback Resonance testing that Alex and Cheri do, showed areas in my physical body that could be helped with tinctures made from herbs—I love that! God made the herbs for our healing and it intrigues me how these herbs work to make us better.

I have also been helped and blessed by the other herbal supplements and remedies, such as the healing balm that is good for removal of the junk that gathers in our sinuses and lungs. And I’m sure if you are like me, you’ve wondered if you’ve had the ‘rona. Well, taking the tea, tincture and balm as suggested by those “in the know” at A Belle Vi, sure has helped alleviate any symptoms and has calmed my wondering mind.

Which leads me to the final thing I want to say today—I want to address our noisy brain! Imagine that we have a little monkey in our brain that needs to be told what to do. I know it sounds funny, but it helps with this illustration, as Cheri shared with us in class. Our mind goes non-stop, and our subconscious mind even more. Like I mentioned, sometimes we get overwhelmed or stressed, just in our thought life. We need to give that little monkey instructions! Tell him what to do. Give him/her positive assignments. Tell your brain to Stop! when you need to. Ask it to work on the thought of – why am I feeling so carefree and happy today?—or something similar. Give it positive assignments and take every thought captive that is not a blessing to you.

Do you see what I mean? We need to tell our brain what to do/think and not let every random thought push us around. I hope that makes sense. It does take practice, but with practice, it gets easier and soon we find that the “monkey” in our brain is quietly sitting in the tree, calmly eating a banana—and that’s an excellent feeling! We can stop the racket in our brain and have a more peaceful thought life.

I said that was the last thing, but I have one more! Again, through the classes at A Belle Vi and the meditations I now do, I have learned the benefits of deep breathing. Throughout the day, I take some time here and there to do 5-20 deep breaths; they help immensely—with all sorts of issues. ????

I know that was a lot, but you have probably experienced many of the same things I have and I just wanted to share—there is help available if you are still struggling to find balance and happiness in your life.

So, go out and embrace the day! Find your balance and happy place—and if that brings you to A Belle Vi’s door, you won’t regret it. It’s such a fun happy place to be.




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