Add years to your life and LIFE to your years

This idea (adding years to your life and LIFE to your years) and a book of the same name have been around for a long time. We can eat healthy, eliminate harmful toxins from our environment, be spiritually grounded, train our brains, be physically active and pursue emotional well-being, but to what end? Most would say to live a longer life, what about you?

Lao Tzu who lived 600 years BC said, “The sage treats illness before, not after, it has arisen.”

We don’t want to live long and suffer from diseases, lose our memory, sight, hearing, or our physical capabilities—so we do all the above to stay energetic and balanced. With YOU in mind, here’s an adapted list from the book for staying on track to an energetic vibrant life!

Embrace a good attitude. Are you leading a meaningful and purpose-driven life? It’s time for change if you are doing things just “because” or if you feel “ho-hum” about them. Where do you need to make adjustments in your attitude or in what you are doing? Make changes so you can embrace a positive attitude.

Move it! Inactivity is a killer. If we get up and move around every hour, even if we are mostly indoors, it provides benefit. Stretching, doing a little bit of yoga and deep breathing, dancing to some energetic tunes, trotting up and down the stairs—whatever it takes—let’s MOVE! Move it, move it! We’ve got this, right?!

Eat more organic plants and fruits, cut out added sugar. An easy place to start is by eliminating juice and pop; start drinking more tea and water (there’s lots of things you can add to water for a bit of pizazz!) Also, eat the orange, instead of drinking the juice. Packaged food should be reduced, and add more plant-based foods to your diet. Soups (with lots of veggies) for the cold season and salads for the warm season are a good base for healthy eating. There are also many yummy recipes online to try or ask a group of friends for their latest recipe finds! Meat is good, but some people benefit by making meat a side dish instead of a main dish—protein can be found in a variety of foods.

Choose your tribe wisely and be part of something bigger than you. This is a wonderful concept and so true to living a vibrant life! When we have meaningful social circles that support healthy behaviors, we thrive! Many behaviors in life are contagious. That means if we hang out with people who are negative, we most likely will become negative! —and the opposite is also true. So, choose your tribe wisely. In addition, having friends of faith also points to well-being and longer life.

Check your environment. You must be aware of the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat to have harmony in your life. Eliminate toxins and anything negative or poisonous in your environment. Be aware of what is brought into your home and be vigilant about preserving your oasis as much as possible.

These ideas are presented so that we can become more aware of the overall well-being of ourselves and our families. We make choices every day, all day long. So if we find there are areas of our lives where we can make improvements, let’s do so! One good choice at a time. And over time, we will see the difference.

So, now it’s up to you. Make a good choice, make a difference. You will begin to see the positive changes for vitality, energy and good health! And you will be adding LIFE to your years.



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