Understanding Bio-Resonance as Practiced at A Belle Vi

You may wonder, as I have, what exactly is bio-resonance? I trust Cheri and Alex (and their years of training and application!), and I trust the science behind their methods of holistic healing, but what exactly is bio-resonance?

Overall, A Belle Vi provides alternative holistic methods to help overcome imbalances within your systems. Cheri and Alex (our holistic healers) listen to your specific needs and suggest programs that are designed to aid your individual body in finding its own healthy balance.

In case you were wondering, listed below are the services offered at A Belle Vi, in addition to energy classes and a variety of healing products to help restore us to optimal health:

daisies . . . optimal health

Biofeedback/Bio-Resonance Testing

Herbal and Dietary Supplemental Plans

Food Sensitivity Identification and Management

Nutrition and Weight Management


Consulting for Mental and Emotional Trauma

Consulting for Mothers, Children, and Families

frequency waves

So, by definition online at Healthline, “bio-resonance is a type of therapy used in holistic or complementary medicine. It uses a machine to measure the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body. Those measures are then used to diagnose disease. Promoters say it can also cure certain diseases.”

It’s based on the idea that compromised cells emit altered electromagnetic waves due to DNA damage. “Proponents of bio-resonance believe that detection of these waves can be used to diagnose disease, while changing these waves back to their normal frequency will treat disease,” Healthline further states.

At A Belle Vi, the results of the bio-resonance testings are examined with a careful trained eye, and then a tincture of herbs is recommended to assist the client in overcoming the negative conditions as found by the testing. Negative conditions could be caused by a variety of sources, that can be rectified by the herbs in the tinctures. Nature is quite amazing! Healing herbs were created for our health and well-being.

This is all quite marvelous, as these tinctures are easy to take and can save a lot of time and money as opposed to dealing with our issues in other ways, which sometimes only offer a mask to the problem and does not root it out. Further bio-resonance testing then determines whether the protocol needs to be continued or changed, to arrive at a strong healthy balance in our body’s systems.


So, that’s bio-resonance testing in a nut-shell. The science behind it is solid and the practice works—for your renewed health.

Our goal for you is to have a beautiful life!





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