Announcing the new Essential Oil Sticks!

Friends, these new essential oil sticks from A Belle Vi are the bomb!

There are multiple scents for many different uses. You may have had an essential oil roller ball in the past; it may have leaked in your purse or gotten all goopy. Not these sticks!! They are made with beeswax and coconut oil, along with yummy blends of essential oils. They glide on and smell amazing.

essential oil sticks

This morning I put on SHINE and it just makes me smile! I sent BRAVE to my daughter and hope she remembers to use it when she needs it. Last night, I did something I don’t usually do, so I put on BALANCE—and it helped me feel grounded. I just love the confidence essential oils gives me when I need it.

Master Herbalist Kathryn Tapio shares her wisdom with us, “Essential oils have been safely used for thousands of years. When these complex oils are premixed by a knowledgeable healer, the hard work has been done for you. The blending of essential oils is bringing the synergy higher than just the combined parts. Whether you’re looking for a fragrance or something more in-depth like balancing your energy or your hormones, essential oils are here for us.”

You will find these sticks are appropriately named. Cheri took a survey and came up with just the right name to fit each stick. Listed below are the sticks offered for a lovely price of just $17; they come in a nice 5 oz hefty tube.

healing salve oil sticks

HORMONE – Good to use when experiencing symptoms of PMS and hot flashes. Apply to inner things, wrists and abdominal area. For topical use. Child supervision. Avoid eyes.

BALANCE – Just the perfect thing! A blend of the finest organic infused and essential oils, beeswax and coconut oil. All together in an easy tube.

BRAVE – Use when you need to feel strong. Apply to back of neck and to throat and wrists. For babies, rub on bottom of feet and belly. Topical use. Child supervision. Avoid eyes.

SHINE – Use when you need a bright burst! Apply to wrists and neck as often as you like! Be happy! Let your light shine! For topical use only.

CALM – Use when you need a little calm and comfort. Apply to back of neck and wrists. For babies: use on tummy and feet. For topical use. Child supervision. Avoid eyes.

EXHALE – Aids upper respiratory stuff. Apply to back of neck, throat and chest. For babies, rub on bottom of feet, chest and back. For topical use. Child supervision. Avoid eyes.

BUM – Good to use when baby has rash and irritation on bum. Works on other rashy skin spots! Try first on small area of skin. For topical use only. Child supervision.

OWCH! – Apply to anything sore. Cuts, scrapes, burns and even bumps! Use for all ages. Healing. Soothing. Helpful. For topical use only. Child supervision. Avoid eyes.

SKIN SALVE – Apply topically. For burns, abrasions, insect bites, rash, etc. Can be used for chapped lips and cracked dry skin conditions.

enjoy the effects of HORMONE

So, hop on it, get your oil sticks from A Belle Vi—you will be in HAPPY LAND, just as our fearless leader is when she uses HORMONE! I just want to give a shout-out to Cheri and Alex and everyone who works behind the scenes to research, develop, and put together all of these incredible products for us!! Thank you! With your high standards to organic sources, we can rest assured that the A Belle Vi products are the best of the best!



Have a happy day and enjoy your beautiful life!





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