Living Your Best Life!

Today let’s talk about hopes and dreams and living our best life now!

What does it mean to you to live your best life now? Maybe living up to your potential? Doing the things NOW that you hope to “do someday?” How about living a balanced life? —Where we put as much time and energy into ALL the important parts of life?

wild flowers and joy

I think it means all of those things and maybe a few more. How about living a thankful life? I just saw this poster that I will add to this blog. It helps me keep things in perspective. Am I truly being thankful each day? Am I aligning myself with my Creator and being thankful for all the wonderful things in life—the big things and the little things, the people, the experiences—even my sight and hearing and taste buds?!

What about embracing our hopes and dreams today? Some of them can definitely wait until another time in life—for instance, traveling more after the children leave the home. On the other hand, why wait? Isn’t it more fun to experience new adventures with others? And believe me, kiddos may complain about doing this or that, traveling here or there, but when they are grown, those are the memories they like best. They remember the times spent together, doing fun-and mundane things. We all look back and remember the people that were present in our lives. So, go ahead, start living out some of your dreams now.

What does it mean to live to your potential? For me, it means embracing ALL that I was created to be! If you have not journaled about that particular subject, go ahead and do it! It’s fun to see what comes out of the cranium when we put pen to paper. What’s your purpose and potential? Start writing and see what happens. When I did this exercise, I was surprised what came out. My purpose was not about a particular job or career, it was about an over-arching narrative that I was living. It was about what made my heart sing and my feet dance. It is what puts a smile on my face and makes me feel ALIVE! I invite you to give it a try.

healing and grounding in nature

I believe engaging with nature is also integral to our living a well-balanced life. Master Herbalist Kathryn Tapio brings us these healing words from nature: “Nature’s herbs, trees, and sunshine are passively healing by just being in and near them. Grounding, by touching the earth or concrete with our bare feet, lets each cell electronically work at its best. By touching a plant or a tree leaf, you are connecting to the healing pulse of the earth. Most of nature’s essential oils are antimicrobial. Using them to clean with, bathe in, and dropped in our diffusers lets their healing fragrance into our bodies with little fuss. The two herbs used the most worldwide are ginger and peppermint. They are safe, pleasant for sipping, yet full of medicinal constituents. Choose your favorite tea. When you decide your healing path and are part of the equation, almost miraculous healing takes place. Nature was here before; nature is here now. Let it be part of your healing process.”

And finally, I believe living a balanced life is about living in LOVE and embracing ALL that our lives offer—the good and the challenging! It’s difficult to even write that, but I think it’s true. Challenges are meant to teach us something, to make us stronger or more resilient. I have to remember to pray for a heart to see what God is trying to teach me through a challenging time, rather than running from it, or trying to make it go away. When I take that approach, peace and acceptance come much faster. In addition, I think embracing the “uglies,” helps us to more exuberantly enjoy the good things in life, don’t you? It gives us a new depth of appreciation.

love – song of the universe

So, the encouragement here is to live with an open heart and an open mind. Remember your tools to help you stay in-tune with yourself and others. Remember to get plenty of rest, exercise, water and good food. Remember to stay balanced in areas of romance and finances, delegation and fun—and keep learning! It helps us feel engaged with life and with others, and all of these practices help us know that we are an important part of the world.

So, enjoy the day! Embrace some of your hopes and dreams-today! And be purposeful of living your best day today!

It’s a beautiful life—here TODAY for you to enjoy!




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