The BALM aka the Amazing Green Bomb!!

Have you tried the BALM from A Belle Vi yet? This wonderful healing concoction is a soothing balm for minor cough and cold symptoms. It also helps relieve deep penetrating pain and gives inflammation relief from muscle strains, arthritis, bruises, and sprains. It is very therapeutic!

the BALM

The ingredients are 12 organic herbs, infused in olive oil to extract their medicinal properties. Beeswax and coconut oil are also used.

We love to share some of the Scientifics of the healing properties of the herbs in our products! Following are some of the ingredients and medicinal properties in our special blend of healing ointment:

Plantain, whether narrow leaf or broadleaf, is a wonderful anti venomous first aid herb. It is drawing so it pulls the poison out of bee, wasp, and snake bites. Use it fresh for these purposes, either an ointment made from fresh plantain leaves or take a clean leaf chew it, and tape to the bite or sting. Plantain is a cleanser. It will clean the blood and lymphatic system. It is specific for gastric inflammation and bedwetting. The seeds of some plantain species are harvested and used as a bulking laxative one being Psyllium. This is a common herb readily available and one of my favorites.


Gravel root is a diuretic, tonic, and relaxant. It is primarily used for gravel or stones in the bladder, kidneys, and urinary tract. It is useful for moving uric acid deposits out of the joints and is a nerve tonic. Gravel root is used for female problems alone or in combinations with other herbs.

Mullein leaves are a special aid for the respiratory system helping with troubles from asthma to bronchitis. It is a glandular gift helping with swelling and nourishing these small but important regulators. The yellow flowers can be steeped in oil for earaches. Mullein leaves are non-poisonous pain killers. They soothe the nerves and are a helpful sleep aid. They are in kidney formulas to soothe inflammation. Mullein will rid the body of warts.

Chamomile flowers are traditionally used for stress and anxiety. It is used for insomnia usually in a tea blend. It is anti-inflammatory and good for colitis diverticulosis, fever, and headaches. It is used as an appetite stimulant for weak stomachs and for indigestion. It is considered to be a gentle herb but not to be used for long periods of time or by those allergic to ragweed.


Heidi Esteb is a big fan of the balm. She says, “This new exclusive A Belle Vi created herbal formula in a topical medium is a true Godsend. I have a jar in every room, plus in my car. Our family has used BALM for everything suggested on the label with super results! Primarily for rubbing on the chest for lungs and top/ bottom of feet at night for sound sleep and relief from cough. It worked well on a knife wound. I even use it on my face and lips! I would compare this amazing product in the salve arena to Frankincense as the #1 go-to in the essential oil arena. New addict? me!”

On that positive note, let us know if you need the BALM for relief from your coughs and colds, or other aches and pains. We wish you a lovely day and a beautiful life!





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