Tea for one or two or a crowd!

Seems like it’s a good time to talk about tea, when we are entering the growing season. There are oh-so-many kinds of plants to grow to make wonderful teas. There’s tea to buy in the drive-through, there’s tea from pretty boxes in the grocery store and tea to savor from a specialty shop.

What is your favorite when it comes to tea?

Do you love the growing plants, the crunchy leaves as they are being harvested? Or do you just love the taste of it from your dainty cup, enjoyed with friends? One of my new fun times is having tea with my grandkids. I buy special little cups from yard sales and thrift shops and we enjoy a variety of tea and snacks when they come to visit. Sometimes, I get invited to their house for a fun afternoon tea party, complete with lots of dainty snacks and beautiful flowers!

There are many ways to make your tea. You can fill a culinary bag with some tea leaves and brew it in a pot, or in the sun! Put some water and the bag in a gallon jar and set it in the sun all day for some great sun-

making tea

infused flavor! You can put your culinary bag of tea leaves in a bath for an invigorating or relaxing soak, depending on what leaves you use. Or you can use tea leaves for potpourri—in your drawers, in your closet or in your car. The more sun the cloth bag gets—the more lovely vapors release.

There are so many gorgeous cups and pots and other vessels to use with your tea leaves. I love the look of the leaves in gallon or quart jars. Some of my tea cups were inherited from my mother and grandmother—these have special memories and value to me. Does the tea taste sweeter in these cups, or is it just my imagination?

So, what plants might you pop in the ground this year to grow some tasty tea? Peppermint, rosemary, chamomile, passion flower? They all sound delicious! I’ve grown and used peppermint and rosemary in the past, and hope to increase my tea garden this year.

I hope you take some time to savor your next drink of tea in a special cup, while you consider the joy of growing a few herbs to harvest into your own tea! Oh, the fun to think you can be your own tea grower and connoisseur! Maybe you have that special place outside where you can throw a quilt on the ground and have an old-fashioned tea party—complete with sun bonnets and tea cakes.

rose leaves

Whatever it is, I hope this inspires you to put your feet up and savor some tea. And remember to continue to enjoy all the other beautiful things in your beautiful life!



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