What we look for

The 2 main items we look for in your system are deficiencies and toxicity levels.


We test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and strive to understand why those deficiencies exist.  Deficiencies are viewed through a lens to determine the health of your organs and any other imbalances within your organs. 


Our bodies often carry different types of toxins, and poisons, and parasites. We test to understand which may be affecting the body and why.

How we test

ABelleVi can use hair samples or saliva to run the test. This type of testing is completely different from blood testing you may be familiar with.

Addressing issues and getting results

ABelleVi recommends liquid herbal tinctures to aid in releasing toxins and bringing the body functions into balance. Tincture programs are formulated per each test for each specific individual. Depending on test results, ABelleVi may recommend supplements, food, and/or lifestyle changes to promote balancing your system.


1st Analysis – $150
2nd Analysis – $100

Child – $100
Food Intolerance – $100


ABelleVi Health History (pdf)


Instructions for Hair Testing

Call us at (360)635-8975 if you have any questions!

  1. Make sure hair is clean and free of product.
  2. Cut a small lock of hair (10-20 strands) close to the scalp.
  3. Place the hair sample in an envelope by itself.
  4. The person getting the test is to lick the envelope and seal it.
  5. Place this envelope in another envelope, along with the health history questionnaire.

Send to:
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Call us at (360)635-8975 if you have any questions!

We cater to your individual needs!
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