6 Paths: Our choices = Health or Disease

Our bodies are made of cells. When cells malfunction, body systems become disrupted. This creates one disease: cellular malfunction. Six pathways exist between health and disease through the health of our cells. We can become sick (deficient or toxic) through the pathways that follow.

Put that way, it seems we would always choose the ways to health, instead of disease, right? Well, let’s take a look at our options to see where we succeed or fail on our health journey.

Path one: nutrition. . . We are what we eat. We are what we eat. We are what we eat! And don’t we know it! When we eat healthy, green and clean—we usually feel good. When we eat “the white trash” diet—too much white sugar, white flour and lots of packaged food—we definitely know how that makes us feel too. So, every day, every choice, we are making decisions on the path to disease or wellness.

delicious nutrition

Path two: toxins. . . A toxin is a substance that interferes with normal cell function—causing cell malfunction (disease). The list for possible toxins in the body is long and almost inexhaustible. The good news is, there is plenty we can do to eliminate toxins from our homes and bodies. Do your research, talk to your friends and health professionals to come up with a plan for moving forward as if your life depends on it—because it does! Get rid of toxic substances. 🙂

Path three: psychological . . . The body and the mind are inseparably connected. They are one and the same thing. The way we react and respond to our thoughts and emotions directly affects our cells. So, what are the activities that we can do to create psychological health? Many use mediations, counseling, exercise, etc. to reduce stress and control the mind (to some degree). At A Belle Vi, the energy classes help immensely with restoring proper balance in the mind/body connection. Most of the techniques are easily taught and learned, and when applied, the students are able to help themselves and help others. Whatever it is, find your groove for your ultimate good health in this area!

Path four: physical . . . Our cells and bodies require exercise, rest, sunlight and fresh air. Bring it on, baby! Let’s get our booties movin’ and groovin’ in the great outdoors—rain or shine! We can do it! And when we do, we automatically crave lots of fresh water and our bodies are ready for a good night’s rest, especially after some nice looong stretches.

Path five: genetic . . . We can optimize our genetic potential and avoid genetic damage. We inherit a lot of stuff genetically—it’s just the way it is. Thankfully, we get lots of good genetic info. However, we do not need to stay “stuck” with all of our “bad” genetics. It’s amazing what can be moved out of our bodies and mind through the energy work at A Belle Vi and other places. If you are having disfunction in your life that you can’t seem to figure out where it came from, it could be in your genetic memory. The good news is, it can get moved out so better, more helpful thoughts and energy can be ours—at the cell level.

Path six: medical . . . Utilize the medical field for your symptomatic care. Become your own advocate. Discuss with your doctor all of your diagnoses and medications so that you can understand what’s best for you and your optimum holistic health.

So, through these six pathways, our overall health is manifested in a variety of ways—to good health or disease—and ultimately cellular malfunction or properly functioning systems. Our bodies will usually tell us where we land on the spectrum of overall health. Now, is a good time to check in to see if we need to make changes in our overall approach to achieving our optimum health goals.

Success is ours, friends! Let’s choose well and make the most of the life that we have been given.




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