Watercolor Lessons and Energy!

Cheri’s Wednesday Energy Class with a Take-home project are inspiring!

In the March 24 class, we worked on some Watercolor Techniques, but first, we had an uplifting discussion about grounding, centering and breathing. These techniques are so helpful—and so easy to use throughout the day. Do you ever find yourself at “your wit’s end?” ready to explode, or on a slow boil? Now would be a good time to do some energy work! We also talked about the Law of Attraction and the power of words.

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I have been working on myself for years (it’s an ongoing process, right?) and I still find myself losing it from time to time. Ouch! Time to sit down and get grounded! Get centered, do some OMMMs (do you know your brain LOVES that sound?!) and then get on with the day! Sometimes an apology is necessary if we have let our “bad” energy flow over onto someone else (which is what I had to do). Apologizing is really not that much fun, so I prefer to do my “work” ahead of time, especially when I know it will be a busy or stressful day. How about you? When do you set aside time to meditate and release negative energy and get filled back up with good mojo?


Heidi’s watercolor techniques

So, in class we created a template of Watercolor Techniques for later reference, which will be really helpful in our Watercolor journey. I have been painting with oils, acrylics and watercolors for years and I still had fun and learned some things! I usually prefer to paint alone, but painting with others and enjoying the banter and camaraderie is also a lot of fun!

It was interesting to see the different ways that the painting lesson affected us. Cheri used an online video as a guide and she would stop it when necessary so we could understand the technique. There were some interesting conversations. Some were pleased with their work; others were internal processors and still others voiced frustration with some aspect of the project—or with how they were interacting with the project. That’s one of the reasons why creating is so important. Interestingly, it helps us connect with thoughts and emotions that we did not know were bothering us. I found myself eager to move along to get to my quiet place of working in my “flow,” where time and space do not exist.

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Another stimulating topic of conversation during our Energy class was the Law of Attraction. What do you think about the idea of attracting “energy vibrations” back to us, that we are putting out into the universe? Try it and test it. When we are operating in a higher energy frequency, we attract more high energy positive interactions. On the flip side, if we are negative and believe that nothing good will happen to us, that’s probably going to be true.




So, that brings us to our beliefs and the power of words.

What are the words you are speaking to and about yourself? Do you put yourself down, or do you put others down? Our words are powerful. Let’s speak truth. Let’s speak words that encourage and lift our spirits. Even the thoughts we think are vital. Speaking and believing positive thoughts is so powerful for our overall well-being! And if you need some work in this area, tell yourself, “I am willing to speak the truth in love,” or whatever you need to say for positive change. Remember, you are the one in charge of your brain, your thoughts and your words!

So, wrapping up the lesson—speak truth, think positive, stay grounded and centered, and keep creating! We would love to see you in class on Wednesday. No matter what, keep smiling and enjoying your beautiful life!



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